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with any Dropified plan.

The Bad News

When we originally launched the 60-Day challenge, we planned to just shut it down after 60 days and then start charging it’s full value of $1997 (many of our students are finding WAY WAY more value than that). That time has come and gone and we’ve officially closed down the challenge to new users.

The Good News

Due to an overwhelming positive response from students that have gone through the 60-Day Challenge, we’ve decided to add all of the value packed training to our brand new Dropified Academy.

This means anyone who signs up for any of our affordable Dropified plans has access to the full 60-Day Challenge along with even more training than ever.

All you have to do is sign up for any Dropified plan and you’ll have access to the training along with powerful software that will help you explode your drop shipping business.

The Amazing News

Our students have seen some amazing success since starting the program, just see for yourself.

Sign Up for Dropified and get the Full 60-Day Challenge

All plans are FREE for the first 14 Days so you have nothing to lose.

There’s always a LOSING team and a WINNING team. Which side do YOU want to be on?

We are going to show you the EXACT step-by-step formula of how to consistently be on the winning team and build a lifestyle that you can be proud of.

  • Are you struggling trying to make money online?
  • Does it feel like everyone is having success except you?
  • Have you failed at trying other opportunities?
  • Do you feel stuck in your current situation?
  • Are you READY to have some success in your life?
  • Do you have a couple of hours a day to execute a plan?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this 60-Day Dropified Challenge is EXACTLY what you need.

Sign Up for Dropified and get the Full 60-Day Challenge

All plans are FREE for the first 14 Days so you have nothing to lose.

Some IMPORTANT things to know before YOU get started:

Every Day for 60 Days we will leak the step by step video training and content that you can easily follow and execute to have an Uber successful online business.

  • No Inventory Needed
    With 1-click you can add products to your store from one of our wholesale sites with millions of products.
  • No Print on Demand
    (like t-shirts or clothing) where you need to be creative and have a design team.
  • No cheap, trendy products
    (like a cat bracelet), this is a REAL business. You’re gonna focus on more Evergreen Products that can be sold for an extended amount of time.
  • No “Touching” of Products
    You don’t need to handle any products or ship them to your customers yourself.
  • No Experience Needed
    We have a step by step training program for beginners (or advanced).  You will receive daily training every day for your first 60 days to help you become an expert at selling products online!
  • No Design/Coding
    Even if you are not a “computer nerd”, you can do this with zero technical knowledge.  No design skills are required, we show you a beginner friendly system.

Not everyone is going to make 7 Figures BUT a lot of you reading this actually will.

It really comes down to you.

We’re offering the step-by-step training but the challenge is UP TO YOU.

SO Do you have what it takes to follow through and make this happen?

Look, 80% of all businesses FAIL. BUT this also means that 20% of them have SUCCESS. Why not choose to be part of the 20% and truly live the life YOU deserve.

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You’re Probably Thinking… “What’s in it for US?”

That’s a valid question. Check out this video of WHY we’re doing this:

Sign Up for Dropified and get the Full 60-Day Challenge

So, What’s in it for YOU?

What’s YOUR WHY?

  • Is it so you can Travel? And truly experience your exploring desires?
  • Is it to Give back? Being able to help a Loved one or someone less fortunate?
  • Is it to be able to have more Time to do the things that you are passionate about? Spending time with your family or friends or having time to spend on your favorite hobbies?
  • Is it to make a living or To Make a Difference?
beautiful home
ocean pier sunsets
jump on a plane

Whatever YOUR WHY is, that’s up to you.
(But we’d really like to hear them – if YOU want to share)

Ever heard the saying… “Nothing in life comes easy?”

Well, for the most part that is the absolute truth 99% of the time, but every once in a while a truly amazing “Once-in-a-Lifetime” Opportunity comes knocking that REALLY does make things EASIER!

Look, we’re not saying creating a successful online business isn’t going to be hard work. IT WILL BE!

But we can promise you that with the right tools and “Step-By-Step” instructions it really can be a heck of a lot easier than it would be trying to figure it out on your own.

…And that’s why we’ve designed a 60-day challenge (it’s like a roadmap) to give you the exact step-by-step blueprint you’ll need to create a sustainable online lifestyle business selling physical products online.


Yes, you will need to setup a “store”

…and we’re going to show you some tools that will make your life much easier.

We ARE going to challenge you.

Meaning, IF you don’t follow through or execute our step-by-step training, you won’t be able to continue to the next session until you do. This won’t be a walk in the park. YOU will actually have to do activities.

YOU WILL earn your Dropified Foundations Certification*

Once you have your certification, it will lead to all sorts of opportunities including:

challenge certificate
  • The ability to Teach Others (Locally where you Live)
  • Having Success with your OWN e-Commerce Store
  • The option of coaching others looking for Guidance
  • And Much More…


*Of course you will only earn your certification if you successfully complete the challenge!

Sign Up for Dropified and get the Full 60-Day Challenge

Here’s just a teaser of SOME of the things you are going to be learning:

Ecomjam Speaker
smartphone screen
  • Watching us Pick Products To Sell
  • Watching us over the shoulder build a store from scratch
  • Building Sales Copy and Ads
  • Creating simple Videos that sell
  • Over the Shoulder Promotions – Watch us use platforms like Facebook, YouTube , Pinterest and Google to help market your store
  • Learn how to sell products with Zero Advertising Spend
  • Self Doubt, Loneliness and Confidence
  • Email and Bot Marketing
  • Abandoning a Career or Job, When Do You Quit Your Job?
  • Scaling & Growth
  • Financing & Capital
  • Special Guest Experts
  • Motivation to Complete the Challenge and continue having success AFTER the challenge
  • Hiring out the jobs you aren’t good at

Not only do you get to watch us do this all LIVE
You’re gonna do it with us!!

There are a LOT of Lies about e-Commerce. You need to believe them…
At Your Own Risk)


  • Anyone can do it
  • It costs NOTHING
  • You CAN’T do this while working FT
  • There are too many competitors
  • Everything taught online is a SCAM
  • It’s too late to start
  • & a bunch of OTHER lies

Let us help you get through these lies and give you the EXACT step-by-step formula.

The first secret to being Successful is…

Ready for it?…

Seems simple Right?? And it is, you can START NOW by signing up & turning your own Ecommerce Store into a Money Making Machine in 60 days… (or less)

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